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Little Willow [userpic]

Booklist: Precious Rubies

December 7th, 2009 (06:03 am)

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In the spirit of my Full of Grace booklist, and prompted by a conversation with a friend about two books with protagonists who happen to have the same name, I created a list of books that feature fictional characters named Ruby.

Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti
A Little Friendly Advice by Siobhan Vivian
Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
Ruby Tuesday by Jennifer Anne Kogler
Ten Cents a Dance by Christine Fletcher
One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies by Sonya Sones
The Ruby Oliver books books by E. Lockhart
- The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart
- The Boy Book: A Study of Habits and Behaviors, Plus Techniques for Taming Them by E. Lockhart
- The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch -- and me, Ruby Oliver by E. Lockhart
- Real Live Boyfriends by E. Lockhart

Special Note: Ruby Stevens is my favorite real-life Ruby. Her screen name was Barbara Stanwyck. I wish I could have worked with her.


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: March 3rd, 2008 04:24 am (UTC)

I'm loving these booklists. :)
-Em (www.emsbookshelf.blogspot.com)

Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: March 3rd, 2008 04:43 am (UTC)


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