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My Life: The Musical by Maryrose Wood

When I first heard Maryrose Wood's next novel would be titled My Life: The Musical, I thought it might be a fictional backstage pass which followed the lives of a teenager who was actually in a musical. Months later, when I had the chance to read the book, I discovered that the story is about two best friends who follow a Broadway musical, attending the show regularly.

It is fair to say Emily and Philip are obsessed with Aurora, a fictional musical that they see every weekend. They first met and bonded at a performance, making the show almost an invisible friend that helps tie them together. A few years later, the rumor mill grinds and sprinkles the teens with worry that their beloved show is about to close. Determined to find out if the rumors are true and finally uncover the identity of its mysterious writer, Emily and Philip accidentally find out some things about each other and about themselves which could unexpectedly test their friendship.

As a musical theatre performer who has yet to appear on Broadway myself, much less take in a show there, this book allowed me to live vicariously through the characters of Emily and Philip. Inspired in part by the author's own work as a lyricist, librettist, and performer, the story will speak to musical actors and aficionados as well as those bright-eyed city dwellers who appreciate the music and theatres that surround them. If only this book came with a soundtrack!

Read my interview with Maryrose Wood.
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