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Meme: 15 Things

Jenny Ziegler wants to know 15 of weird, random things about me. I decided to match her post point for point, using her list as the basis for mine.

1.) I have never been to Alaska.

2.) I have not heard Paul McCartney's song Little Willow. I know I will at some point, when the time is right.

3.) I like my hair.

4.) I have been given multiple shirts that say Rock Star and another that says Rock Angel.

5.) I rarely doodle. I tend to write full words and sentences instead.

6.) I mentioned geodes in a conversation two days ago.

7.) I like Sylvester simply because he's a cat. I also enjoy Bugs, Wile E. Coyote, and Gossamer.

8.) I enjoy intelligent wordplay.

9.) I like making lists. I like crossing completed tasks off of lists.

10.) I read one Alias book six years ago. It turns out that Jenny wrote it.

11.) I am a dancer who wishes she were more flexible.

12.) I have never been overseas.

13.) I have always had an active imagination, but never an imaginary friend. I didn't need one. I had Twinkie.

14.) I like accomplishing things.

15.) I've never been to a creek.
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