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The Veil Trilogy by Christopher Golden

THE VEIL Trilogy by Christopher Golden

In this enthralling series from bestselling author Christopher Golden, one man is drawn into a realm just across the veil from our own, where every captivating myth and fairy tale is true, the vanished exist -- and every fear is founded.

THE MYTH HUNTERS: Book One of The Veil

Yielding to his father's wishes, Oliver Bascombe abandoned his dream of being an actor and joined the family law firm. Now he will marry a lovely young woman bearing the Bascombe stamp of approval. But on the eve of his wedding, a blizzard sweeps in - bringing with it an icy legend who calls into question everything Oliver believes about the world and his place in it....

Pursued by a murderous creature who heeds no boundaries, Jack Frost needs Oliver's help to save both himself and his world-an alternate reality slowly being displaced by our own. To help him, Oliver Bascombe, attorney-at-law, will have to become Oliver Bascombe, adventurer, hero-and hunted. So begins a magnificent journey where he straddles two realities...and where, even amid danger, Oliver finds freedom for the very first time.

THE BORDERKIND: Book Two of The Veil

For centuries they lived amongst us. The frightful and wondrous, the angelic and bloodthirsty. Living in a reality just beyond the Veil, humanity's myths and legends are caught in a struggle for their very survival -- against hunters far more powerful than they are.

Into this struggle has stepped a New England lawyer who once wanted to be an actor -- a man who both longs for the mortal woman he was to marry and is desperate to rescue the sister who's been taken hostage. Neither hero nor warrior, Oliver Bascombe now finds himself brandishing a magical sword, walking in the company of a woman who sometimes appears as a fox and a man made of pure ice, and dueling with albino giants and winged killers. For in the world of the Borderkind - and the realms that exist beyond it -- Oliver is discovering just how vulnerable are humankind's myths, the dire consequences of their extinction, and the reason he was chosen to save them...

THE LOST ONES: Book Three of The Veil

The Veil comes to an unforgettable conclusion. The mythic realm of heroes and monsters has become the site of humanity's final showdown. And the price of victory may be dearer than anyone ever imagined.

Oliver Bascombe and his sister, Collette, have supposedly come to the Two Kingdoms to fulfill an ominous prophecy. But to unravel the mystery of their destiny, they must first stop an apocalyptic war, reveal a dark conspiracy, and prevent a powerful sorcerer from severing the human and legendary realms forever. As old allies gather for one last battle, even older enemies stand against them. For even legends have their legends...and they have returned -- the Lost Ones.


Pick up the free electronic press kits (EPKs) for all three books of The Veil:
The Myth Hunters
The Borderkind
The Lost Ones


"[A] fast-paced dark fantasy adventure...[that] should appeal to fans of Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint, and Robert Holdstock."
-- Publishers Weekly

"Christopher Golden's storytelling is spellbinding."
-- Boston Magazine

"A new book by Chris Golden means only one thing: the reader is in for a treat. His books are rich with texture and character, always inventive, and totally addictive."
-- Charles de Lint, author of Someplace to Be Flying

"With 'The Borderkind' the layers of the world have been peeled back to reveal both wonder and danger. Wonder for the reader, who can submerse in the spectacle of legends brought to life, and danger for Oliver Bascombe, who finds himself immersed in a mythic role he never knew he could fulfill. Golden uses his strengths as a suspense writer to ground his surreal explorations and his strengths as a writer of the surreal to intensify his suspense. Striding between two worlds has its benefits. Golden really has a great series going here, a wonderfully original take on the Otherworld, the world of Faerie, of Legend -- the literary equivalent to the Jungian subconscious, where the monsters swim with the memories. Golden excels at melding the real and the unreal, at keeping the toes tapping while letting his readers languish in the sometimes garish, sometimes understated Otherworld beyond the veil. He packs his work with detailed research on the archetypes an myths of many cultures, but doesn't bog it down. Simply put, he writes outstanding novels."
-- The Agony Column

"Golden's yarn rushes on at breakneck pace, making it impossible to put down. A stunning conclusion to the magical and gripping Veil trilogy and must reading for fantasy fans."
-- Booklist

"Top pick! Golden wraps up The Veil trilogy with a rousing tale of epic journeys and larger-than-life heroes. With his vivid descriptions of the lavish and exotic, he's crafted a fantastic world that will feel just as real to readers as their own."
-- Romantic Times

"The Lost Ones roars toward a shattering conclusion as former friends come together to make a final strike against a treacherous enemy. Golden delivers powerfully in imagination and emotional body-blows. Although the story ends conclusively, Golden has left himself ample room to return to this setting if he pleases. There are definitely many heroic tales yet to be told, and Golden is the guy to tell them. [He] writes each character as if he or she is the hero of his or her own story -- a rare feat to achieve in any genre. Fans of modern fantasy, especially fantasy that draws from the rich mythologies of world culture (such as Neil Gaiman's), will find this book well worth their time. Recommended."

Visit Christopher Golden's official website.
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