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Imprint: Candy Apple

Scholastic's Candy Apple imprint is well-named. It's a sweet line of books which address the ups and downs of middle school life as the protagonists deal with parents, best friends, tryouts, afterschool activities, homework, popularity, first crushes - all that fun stuff, all contemporary fiction, all G-rated. (Hurrah for clean reads!) This imprint is for readers ages 8 to 13.

If a title is bold, I've read it.

The Accidental Cheerleader by Mimi McCoy (January 2007)
The Boy Next Door by Laura Dower (January 2007)
Miss Popularity by Francesco Sedita (May 2007)
How to be a Girly Girl in Just Ten Days by Lisa Papademetriou (July 2007)
Drama Queen by Lara Bergen (September 2007)
The Babysitting Wars by Mimi McCoy (November 2007)
Totally Crushed by Eliza Willard (January 2008)
I've Got a Secret by Lara Bergen (March 2008)
Callie for President by Robin Wasserman (May 2008) (highly recommended)
Making Waves by Randi Reisfeld and H.B. Gilmour (June 2008)
The Sister Switch by Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens (July 2008)
Accidentally Fabulous by Lisa Papademetriou (August 2008)
Confessions of a Bitter Secret Santa by Lara Bergen (October 2008)
Accidentally Famous by Lisa Papademetriou (December 2008)
Starcrossed by Mimi McCoy (February 2009)
Accidentally Fooled by Lisa Papademetriou (April 2009)
Miss Popularity Goes Camping by Francesco Sedita (April 2009)
Life, Starring Me! by Robin Wasserman (May 2009) (highly recommended)
Juicy Gossip by Erin Downing (June 2009)
Accidentally Friends by Lisa Papademetriou (July 2009)
Snowfall Surprise by Jane B. Mason and Sarah Stephens (October 2009)
The Sweetheart Deal by Holly Kowitt (December 2009)
Rumor Has It by Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens (January 2010)
Super Sweet 13 by Helen Perelman (March 2010)
Wish You Were Here, Liza by Robin Wasserman (May 2010)
See You Soon, Samantha by Lara Bergen (June 2010)
Miss You, Mina by Denene Millner (July 2010)
Winner Takes All by Jenny Santana (October 2010)
Ice Dreams by Lisa Papademetriou (January 2011)
Miss Popularity and the Best Friend Disaster by Francesco Sedita (April 2011)

Visit the Candy Apple website.

Scholastic is also launching Poison Apple, which sounds like it will be aimed at 8-12 year olds who want stories that blend supernatural elements (ghosts, vampires, etc) with comedy. Here are the titles currently slated for the Poison Apple line:

This Totally Bites! by Ruth Ames (May 2010)
The Dead End by Mimi McCoy (May 2010)
Miss Fortune by Brandi Dougherty (August 2010)
Now You See Me... by Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines-Stephens (November 2010)
Midnight Howl by Clare Hutton (February 2011)
Her Evil Twin by Mimi McCoy (April 2011)
Curiosity Killed the Cat by Sierra Harimann (August 2011)
At First Bite by Ruth Ames (November 2011)
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