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Mind the Gap: A Novel of The Hidden Cities by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon

Every big city has a soul, and every soul has a dark, secret side.

Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon have teamed up to create The Hidden Cities - books set in places we all know very well - places which hold secrets almost beyond belief.

Mind the Gap: A Novel of the Hidden Cities

You never know when you'll find yourself falling through one of the cracks in the world...

Two of today's brightest stars of dark fantasy combine their award-winning, critically acclaimed talents in this spellbinding new tale of magic, terror, and adventure that begins when a young woman slips through the space between our everyday world and the one hiding just beneath it.

Always assume there's someone after you. That was the paranoid wisdom her mother had hardwired into Jasmine Towne ever since she was a little girl. Now, suddenly on her own, Jazz is going to need every skill she has ever been taught to survive enemies both seen and unseen. For her mother had given Jazz one last invaluable piece of advice, written in her own blood.

Jazz Hide Forever

All her life Jazz has known them only as the "Uncles," and her mother seemed to fear them as much as depend on them. Now these enigmatic, black-clad strangers are after Jazz for reasons she can't fathom, and her only escape is to slip into the forgotten tunnels of London's vast underground. Here she will meet a tribe of survivors calling themselves the United Kingdom and begin an adventure that links her to the ghosts of a city long past, a father she never knew, and a destiny she fears only slightly less than the relentless killers who'd commit any crime under heaven or earth to prevent her from fulfilling it.

Sneak Peek

Even before she saw the house, Jazz knew that something was wrong. She could smell it in the air, see it in the shifting shadows of the trees lining the street, hear it in the expectant silence. She could feel it in her bones...

Read the first three chapters of Mind the Gap.

Additional Details:
Published by Spectra
400 pages
May 20th, 2008
ISBN-10: 0553384694
ISBN-13: 978-0553384697


"A pitch-perfect blend of fantasy and realism. Golden and Lebbon craft a riveting tale of adventure that is both gritty and magical." - Kelley Armstrong, author of Personal Demon

My Favorite Passage in Mind the Gap: Never knew when you'd find yourself falling into one of the cracks in the world. Here she was, living proof. Alice falling down the rabbit hole. - Page 22

My Favorite Place in Mind the Gap: Willow Square!


Other Hidden Cities

The second Hidden Cities novel, The Map of Moments, was released on January 27th, 2009. Learn more.

The authors already have several ideas for future volumes.

"Each novel of the Hidden Cities is ENTIRELY stand-alone, set in different cities in the same world," explains Golden. "Several concepts are universal in this world, but the plots do not connect."

Enter The Hidden Cities

Deena Warner created a very cool new site at and we'd love you all to participate. How, you ask?

Watch the book trailer created by filmmaker Martin Roberts, with the vocal talents of actress Jasmine Hyde (Ghosts of Albion) and audio assistance from Rob Francis.

The trailer is being spread all over the net via YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and blogs. Re-post this message at your blog and spread the love for The Hidden Cities.

Make Your Mark on the Map

On the Hidden Cities website - - you will find a map of the world. We're asking people to submit stories -- NOT FICTION, but local legends, ghost stories, folktales from places you've been or lived or currently live, as well as your own personal experiences, brushes with the supernatural or just plain weird happenings. The two best submissions will each win a copy of the signed hardcover limited edition of MIND THE GAP from Cemetery Dance. Here's the scoop:

The Contest

What are your Hidden City's stories?

At The Hidden Cities website, you will notice the map upon which is pinned brief accounts of myth and mystery from around the world ... and that's where you come in. Because we want you to tell us your stories. Relate to us the strange tales of urban horror, mystery or magic that have happened to you, or people you know, or perhaps stories you've heard second-hand. Ghosts you have seen, legends you've heard, strange experiences you have had … and the accounts we like the most will appear on the site, pinned to the map where they took place.

The Details:

Please keep your submissions below 500 words, and make sure there's some basis in fact (whether it’s something you saw, or an urban legend you've heard, etc). No straight fiction. There's no payment, other than the fun of revealing your nightmare experiences for all to see! There's also no guarantee that everything we’re sent will be posted to the site. You'll retain full copyright, and you’re welcome to use your accounts elsewhere.

The Competition:

The best two accounts we receive (to be judged by Chris & Tim) will each win a copy of the hardback Cemetery Dance limited edition of this novel! Tell us what happened to you in the world's Hidden Cities. Submissions should be sent to:

What are you waiting for?
Mark the map with your story for a chance to win.
Watch the trailer at the site.
Watch the trailer on YouTube.
Enter The Hidden Cities.

About the Authors

Tim Lebbon lives in South Wales with his wife and two children. His books include Dusk, Berserk, Hellboy: Unnatural Selection, Face, The Nature of Balance, Changing of Faces, Exorcising Angels (with Simon Clark), Dead Man's Hand, Pieces of Hate, Fears Unnamed, White and Other Tales of Ruin and Desolation.

Future publications include Dawn from Bantam Spectra, as well as two new novels set in his world of Noreela from the same publisher. Also due soon are more books from Cemetery Dance, Night Shade Books and Necessary Evil Press, among others. He has won two British Fantasy Awards, a Bram Stoker Award, a Shocker and a Tombstone Award, and has been a finalist for International Horror Guild and World Fantasy Awards. Several of his novels and novellas are currently under option in the USA and the UK.

Find out more about Tim at his websites: and

Christopher Golden is the award-winning, bestselling author of such novels as Wildwood Road, The Boys Are Back in Town, The Ferryman, Strangewood, Of Saints and Shadows, and the Body of Evidence series of teen thrillers. Working with actress/writer/director Amber Benson, he co-created and co-wrote Ghosts of Albion, which began as an animated supernatural drama for BBC online and has now become an original book series from Del Rey.

With Thomas E. Sniegoski, he is the co-author of the dark fantasy series The Menagerie as well as the young readers fantasy series OutCast. Golden and Sniegoski also wrote the graphic novel BPRD: Hollow Earth, a spinoff from the fan favorite comic book series Hellboy. Golden authored the original Hellboy novels, The Lost Army and The Bones of Giants, and edited two Hellboy short story anthologies.

Golden was born and raised in Massachusetts, where he still lives with his family. He graduated from Tufts University. He is currently at work on a dark fantasy trilogy for Bantam Books entitled The Veil. There are more than eight million copies of his books in print.

Visit his official website

Bonus: Download the Bantam podcast with Christopher Golden


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