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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on YouTube

I like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland quite a bit. You might already know this, since I often bring it up in conversation, whether it be to reference it in relation to other novels or to discuss the book itself - or to sing the praises of my favorite film adaptation of the book, aka the 1972 British live-action musical Alice's Adventures in Wonderland starring Fiona Fullerton as Alice, adapted and directed by William Sterling, with music by John Barry and lyrics by Don Black based on those by Lewis Carroll.

...and yes, I can (and do) say all of that in one breath.

Someone uploaded the film in seventeen parts on YouTube. Thank you! I have arranged those seventeen parts in order (plus some other Alice-related videos) so you may now watch the movie simply by clicking below:

The movie is available on DVD. The DVD is, of course, better quality than YouTube. Get it. Watch it.

I myself own two copies of the DVD. The soundtrack is available on CD, yet I do not own it because it is packaged with the soundtrack for Petulia, also scored by John Barry, and I just want the Alice soundtrack.

Now I am cracking up, because a Peter Sellers movie is coming on television right as I type this, and I just quoted him as the March Hare in my previous post.
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