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Serial Interview: Christopher Golden

Last week, I started a serial interview with Christopher Golden. We plan to post new questions and answers on a weekly basis, and it will probably go on indefinitely, since I never tire of talking with Chris.

Here now is part two, in which we discuss music and books.

On occasion, you slip favorite songs into your books, putting them on a character's radio or getting them stuck in a character's head. What albums or artists are currently inspiring you?

My favorite thing I bought recently was probably Sara Bareilles' LITTLE VOICE, which was on your recommendation.

Yahoo! Glad that you're liking it.

I'm also really enjoying The Frames' THE COST. The Frames are fantastic.

Wasn't ONCE lovely? Wait, let me change the subject before I ramble about that film and get sidetracked. Okay. As a kid, what were your favorite books, and who were your favorite authors?

I read a ton of Doc Savage novels, loved the work of Jack London, and there was a book by Dorothy Hosford called THUNDER OF THE GODS that retold Norse myths; I read that one more than a dozen times. I read tons of comics, but especially loved Marv Wolfman writing TOMB OF DRACULA and Chris Claremont's X-MEN. Then, of course, I discovered Stephen King . . . and that changed everything.

And on that note, we'll put the interview on pause.

Many of Golden's childhood favorites still influence his work today. He co-wrote the non-fiction book The Stephen King Universe as well as a handful of X-Men novels. He is also collaborating with Tim Lebbon on a little something called The Secret Journeys of Jack London. If you want to know more about that, you'll have to stay tuned.

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