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Serial Interview: Christopher Golden

MIND THE GAP, the first book in The Hidden Cities series by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon, is now available in stores. If you like urban fantasy - especially if you enjoyed NEVERWHERE by Neil Gaiman - you must pick up MIND THE GAP.


Right now.

Go. This interview will be here when you come back.

While some of Golden's novels take place in and around Boston, many of his stories and characters travel all over the world. Just follow THE MENAGERIE around for a while, or scout the apocalypse sites in THE GATHERING DARK. STRAIGHT ON 'TIL MORNING takes readers to Never Never Land. While MIND THE GAP takes place in London, the next book in the series, THE MAP OF MOMENTS, mosies on down to New Orleans.

What made you interested in New Orleans? Why set your story there?

I visited once in around 1991 and have always wanted to go back. I've written things set in the city before, but there was an urgency this time. The extraordinary negligence at every level of government and authority both before and after Hurricane Katrina ought to be a source of national shame and guilt. How the people still living in New Orleans can remain there, knowing that they are even LESS protected than they were before and that nothing is being done to rectify the situation, I simply can't undrestand, except that they love their city. I'm hoping to be able to visit New Orleans again soon. But when Tim Lebbon and I came up with the idea for THE MAP OF MOMENTS, New Orleans seemed the perfect place for it. It's about fighting to hold back a darkness you can never fully defeat, when the only victory that can be hoped for is not surrendering. Make of that what you will.

Enter THE HIDDEN CITIES contest and make your mark on the map!

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