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No Cream Puffs by Karen Day

In the summer of 1980, Madison becomes the first girl in Southern Michigan to join a boys' baseball team. Though some of the other players are more friendly than others, they don't exactly welcome her with open arms. Once they see her play, she earns both their respect and their jealousy. Townspeople start writing letters to the editor of the local paper, expressing their positive or negative thoughts about having a girl on the team, and Madison doesn't know what to say when reporters interview her. After Madison's old friends pull away from her, she finds new friends on the team - one of whom is her first crush, while another might have a crush on her.

No Cream Puffs is a sweet treat. Even with all of the media coverage, Madison never develops an ego and never thinks she's the bee's knees. She doesn't want to make waves; she just wants to play ball and be treated fairly. I highly recommend this book to middle school athletes of both genders and to parents and coaches.

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