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Summertime Posts

Summer is here. Avid young readers will relish the time to sit in their favorite spots - in the shade of a tree, on a window seat, next to the community pool - and dive into a good book. Kids and teens alike will check out books that their schools require students to read as well as their tried-and-true favorite. Here are a few of my favorite books for grade schoolers that feature summer storylines.

Check out my summer reads booklist!

When asked why she goes to camp, O'Shea answered, "My heart lives there. Camp is different from every other place in the world."

Read my article about summer camps.

Looking for a summer job? Are you between the ages of 12 and 17? You will need to get a work permit...

Here's how!

If you search for the word "summer" within my blog, you'll get over a thousand hits. I am amused by this.

Here's one more summertime post:

Poetry Friday: Summer by John Ashbery
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