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Serial Interview: Christopher Golden

Welcome to Monday morning! Christopher Golden and I are continuing to play favorites. Today, we're discussing his favorite films and television shows.

Favorite classic film(s):

Defining classics as "older than me," the list would certainly include Rear Window, To Kill a Mockingbird, It's a Wonderful Life, the original Miracle on 34th Street, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, a whole host of Humphrey Bogart films (Bogie was *the man*), and everything Abbott and Costello ever put on film, no matter how wonderful or awful. There are a lot more, but those are the ones that come to mind.

Favorite contemporary film(s):

Blade Runner, The Godfather (I & II), Jaws, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Near Dark, The Matrix, Unforgiven, The Outlaw Josey Wales, tons of other Eastwood films (Eastwood *is* the man), Juno, John Carpenter's The Thing, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Princess Bride, Terminator, Halloween, Gremlins, L.A. Confidential, October Sky, and too many other things to list.

Favorite classic TV show(s):

Hmm. Harder to define classics this way, but: The Twilight Zone, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Bewitched, The Odd Couple, MASH, Kolchak the Night Stalker.

Favorite contemporary TV show(s):

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lost, The Shield, Rescue Me, Battlestar Galactica, Coupling (BBC), Life on Mars (BBC), Lonesome Dove (miniseries), Deadwood, Rome, Entourage...and we watch way too much television, but I love it.

(LW adds: I am amused by the fact that our favorite TV shows have some overlap while our favorite films, not so much.)

Learn more about the benefit honoring Gene Colan, one of Golden's favorite comic book writers and artists.

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