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Little Willow [userpic]

Poetry Friday: A Night Thought by William Wordsworth

June 27th, 2008 (11:16 am)

Current Mood: awake
Current Song: The Moon by David Poe

Lo! where the Moon along the sky
Sails with her happy destiny;
Oft is she hid from mortal eye
Or dimly seen,
But when the clouds asunder fly
How bright her mien!

Far different we -- a froward race,
Thousands though rich in Fortune's grace
With cherished sullenness of pace
Their way pursue,
Ingrates who wear a smileless face
The whole year through.

If kindred humours e'er would make
My spirit droop for drooping's sake,
From Fancy following in thy wake,
Bright ship of heaven!
A counter impulse let me take
And be forgiven.

-- A Night Thought by William Wordsworth

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Posted by: tushuguan.blogspot.com (ext_107083)
Posted at: June 28th, 2008 04:13 pm (UTC)

Thanks for sharing. I really like this.

Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: June 28th, 2008 06:56 pm (UTC)


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