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Serial Interview: Christopher Golden

June 30th, 2008 (07:47 am)

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Let's find out what makes Christopher Golden tick . . .

What makes you laugh?

My children. Being goofy with my wife. The original BBC version of Coupling. Abbott and Costello. The ads for the new ABC reality series WIPEOUT. I'm not usually a reality show person, but every time I see muddy people bouncing off of those giant red balls, I crack up. Childish, yes, but so are most things that make me laugh. :)

What makes you smile?

Spring days. The ocean. Old people in love. Young people in love. When the perfect song comes on the radio. Yes, I know, I'm a big girl. Story of my life. That's why Amber calls me the Big Hairy Lesbian.

What makes you write?

One, pure love of story. Ideas are exciting to me. Two, the bills don't pay themselvers. Three, like Mel Gibson in the first Lethal Weapon film, "It's the only thing I've ever been good at." All right, maybe there are a few other things I'm good at, but other than, perhaps, teaching, it's the only thing I've ever loved enough to want to do for a living.

What annoys you?

Colds. Mosquitoes. Bad service in restaurants. Arrogance. And a million other little things I can't think of right now.

What frustrates you?

Let's put aside politicians entirely -- yes, they're corrupt, nothing new there -- and talk about the responsibilities of the media and society. We're in a cultural catatonia right now. Yes, we need to develop new forms of energy and fuel. Yes, we need to deal with environmental issues that are causing global warming. Yes, we need to totally revamp health care in the U.S. Yes, our prisons are overcrowded. Yes, yes, yes. There are hundreds of other things I could list. And yet, what are we doing? Not what are our elected officials doing -- because the answer there is talking about it -- but what are WE doing? Protesting? Demanding? Marching? Running the bastards out of office? Recalling them? No. We're (complaining), and waiting, because we're complacent. I'm just as guilty as the next guy, but isn't it obvious by now that the hard decision MUST be made, and right now?

Things are going to get ugly one way or the other. But if we act, there's a better future to be had. If we fail to act, there's only more, and deeper, (trouble). As for Iraq -- conquest is NOT a tenable long-term resolution to the hatred that's being bred in the hearts of radical Muslims in the Arab world. Obviously, conquest is impossible without world war. McCain is trumpeting how he was right all along. Look, we're WINNING. But, hmmm, the Iraqis want us to leave now, and they're cozying up to Iran, who are developing nuclear power and sponsor terrorist groups all over the Middle East. Soon enough, Iraq will be a satellite state of Iran, in function if not in name. Now, who won, again? The only way to solve this issue long-term is through cultural subversion, and that will take decades...even longer after the Keystone Kops' (the current administration) "war" in Iraq. That doesn't mean we don't use military force, but military force is only one tool. A hammer, a sledgehammer, a jackhammer...still only one tool. To build anything with a hammer, you need wood and nails and solid ground underneath.

There isn't a politician in the world -- and by that I mean someone who purposefully pursued elected office -- entirely free of corruption or other outside influence. But John McCain represents a stagnant, self-destructive political dogma. I'm not a huge fan of Barack Obama, but if there *is* a way forward, out of this mess, it's going to begin with him.

And, yes, I know for some these will be unpopular opinions. Some readers will no doubt tell me what a fool I am. Everyone's entitled to their opinions, of course. But I certainly hope we've moved past the point where anyone is denying we're a nation, and a world, in crisis.

What makes you pause?

Dark things, pieces on the news that make me question my faith in the fundamental decency of humanity.

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I'm sorry, Ive been offline for awhile and am trying to catch up.

That's why Amber calls me the Big Hairy Lesbian.

I think I just hurt myself on that one. hehehe

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