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Limited Edition of Strangewood by Christopher Golden

Look at the cuteness that is FIDDLESTICK!

Earthling Publications has released a signed, limited edition of Strangewood by Christopher Golden. This edition includes sixteen illustrations by Richard Kirk, an introduction by Graham Joyce, and an afterword by Bentley Little. Even the endpapers are fully illustrated. (See samples of Kirk's illustrations.) The book is Smyth-sewn and bound in leather, and housed in a cloth-covered slipcase.

Ordering Information

To obtain a copy of the book, email with the subject line Reserve Strangewood.

Strangewood Synopsis

As TJ Randall, he pens the tales of Strangewood, the most popular series of children’s books since The Wizard of Oz. As Thomas Randall, he is a recently divorced father coping with joint custody, which permit him with only weekend visits with his young son. But when his son is hospitalized with an incurable catatonia, the reality and fantasy of Thomas's life start to merge... His son has been taken hostage into the world Randall created. Strangewood is at war.

Publishing Notes

Christopher Golden refers to Strangewood as "my enduring favorite of all of my scribblings," and he is extremely excited about this release. He adds, "Yes, Earthling's book are expensive, but they aren't intended for the casual collector. What Paul Miller does is just as much a work of art as Richard Kirk's illustrations. I'm honored he's chosen Strangewood for his Earthling Classics series."

Paul Miller, the man behind Earthling, has received extraordinary praise in recent years for the amazing job he does on each and every book that the company produces. I'll be interviewing him in the near future.

Learn more about the story of Strangewood here and there.
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