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Poetry Friday: Climbing Uphill by Jason Robert Brown

I'm up every morning at six
And standing in line
With two hundred girls
Who are younger and thinner than me
Who have already been to the gym

I'm waiting five hours in line
And watching the girls
Just coming and going
In dresses that look just like this
'Til my number is finally called

- selected lyrics from Climbing Uphill from the musical The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown

This song is sung by Cathy, an aspiring actress. The piece mixes together her auditions, her frustrations, and her inner thoughts. It's fantastic. Read the lyrics to the entire song. (WARNING: This song contains one curse word. I substitute the word "stupid" in its place when I sing this song. It works.)

The original Chicago production of The Last Five Years featured Lauren Kennedy and Norbert Leo Butz. I watched it online a few years ago and loved it. (Learn more about my love for this production.) Sadly, those videos seem to be gone now.

Clips from many other productions (college, regional, community, etcetera) are available online. Here's one stellar example: Colleen Ballinger's performance of Climbing Uphill.

Last year, one Poetry Friday, I posted lyrics from Moving Too Fast, another song from The Last Five Years.

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