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Interview: Paul Miller

Paul Miller, long-time reader and collector of horror stories, is the driving force behind Earthling Publications. The company is described as "a specialty press publisher of fine limited edition books, specializing in exceptional horror, dark fantasy, and suspense," and Miller does everything at Earthling, "including book layout, marketing, and shipping."

Paul recently spoke to me regarding the newest release in Earthling Modern Classics Series - a signed, limited edition of Strangewood by Christopher Golden.

How did you come to know Christopher Golden and his works?

STRANGEWOOD was the first novel by Chris I read, years ago, and it's still my favorite (um, although I haven't read anything else by him -- kidding!) He and I have also been meeting up for dinner with some other folks every few months over the past several years, and I'm proud to call him a friend.

Why did you select Strangewood for your publication?

At the time I approached Chris with the idea to do a deluxe edition of the book, not only did I think it was a masterful novel, but I also thought it'd be a great story to support plenty of illustrations. Chris and I decided on the very talented Richard Kirk, who provided around 20 of them... and I'm very happy with how the book turned out.

What can readers find in this edition that wasn't there before?

Completely new typesetting (probably slightly larger and therefore easier to read than the paperback), a few tweaks by the author, introductory material by bestselling authors Graham Joyce and Bentley Little, an afterword by the author, and those 20 or so illustrations I previously mentioned. Plus it's signed by the author, leatherbound, with a silk ribbon page marker, printed on fine paper, and housed in a cloth-covered slipcase!

What is your favorite part of the story?

It would totally blow that part of the story if I told you. I'll just say it's near the end, it was incredibly moving, and I didn't see it coming.

How do you match the illustrators and the authors? Did you help Richard Kirk select which characters and scenes to illustrate in Strangewood?

I always pick artists after I read the text and have a decent idea who's a good fit. It was largely up to Richard Kirk to pick scenes or characters to illustrate, I only suggested that the illustrations were relatively evenly staggered throughout the book.

Anything else you'd like to add?

If you like Golden's work and haven't read STRANGEWOOD, or if you already have read this book, you should try this edition. This edition, particularly because of the illustrations, is the best way to experience Chris's tale. Thanks!

How to Order Strangewood

To obtain a copy of the book, email with the subject line Reserve Strangewood.

Learn more about the limited edition at Earthling Publications or read this post at Bildungsroman.

Learn more about Strangewood and the previously released paperback editions at Christopher Golden's website.

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