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Popular Vote by Micol Ostow

Official Book Summary

Erin Bright is pretty, polished, and popular -- the perfect First Daughter. Her father is the mayor of their town, so photo shoots and Inauguration balls are a part of her life. In high school, Erin is politically involved as well; her handsome boyfriend has been student council president for the past two years.

But THIS election season, things change. When Erin suddenly gets passionate about an environmental cause, she decides to run AGAINST her boyfriend...and to challenge what her dad stands for! Can Erin convince her friends, and herself, that she has what it takes to lead?

My Two Cents

In Micol Ostow's new novel Popular Vote, Erin is a high school student, the daughter of the town mayor, and the girlfriend of the student council president. A hopeful writer, she keeps a private handwritten journal as well as a personal blog. After learning about some environmental issues facing her school and her town, she can't stay silent, and, before she knows it, her new passionate stance leads to her running against her boyfriend in the school election. It takes a lot of guts for her to speak up and sound off about a company related to her father's campaign, but she does it. Hopefully, Erin's willingness to take a stand and fight for what she thinks is right will inspire readers to do the same.

This book is a fun read. Anyone who has ever run for a student council position will appreciate Erin's campaign. Middle school and high school students know all about the politics of popularity. Popular Vote also brings up other issues: the pressures of being the child of a politician, taking action in your school and community, and taking a stand. Erin certainly gets my vote, as does author Micol Ostow.

Get Involved with the Campaign

Join the Popular Vote cyber launch party! What better way to celebrate the release of a story that concerns a teen girl, her blog, and an unexpected campaign than to blog about it?

From September 8th until September 13th, Micol Ostow will be posting Q&As at her blog. In these interviews, authors will reveal their personal brushes with popularity and politics and talk about which causes cause them to rock the vote. Each and every day, she'll be giving away a copy of Popular Vote along with a swanky matching bookmark, plus a special prize from that day's visiting author. Here's the schedule:

Taylor Morris
Jill Santopolo
Claudia Gabel

Marjeeta Geerling
Linda Gerber

Liz Gallagher
Tricia Rayburn

Nancy Krulik
Kelly Parra

Paul Ruditis
Erin Dionne

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