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The Ferryman by Christopher Golden


When Janine left her lover for an old flame, it was the biggest mistake of her life. A mistake that began with a surprise pregnancy and heartbreak, and ended with the loss of her unborn child and a horrible medical ordeal that nearly cost her own life. Janine nearly died that night . . . but she fought her way back to the living. Only now someone -- something -- wants her back . . . and it is coming after her.

Excerpt: Prologue

It's not a dream.

On the banks of a broad, roiling river, Janine Hartschorn turned in a wild circle, searching for a familiar landmark, anything that might jog her memory, help her figure out where she was and how she had gotten here. Failing that, she'd have been happy to simply find a path that led away from the rushing water, a path to somewhere - anywhere - else.

But Janine couldn't see a damn thing.

A thick, damp mist enshrouded her and spread its tendrils through the trees and across the river. If she looked straight up, she could see a few breaks in the fog, but she tried not to pay attention to them. If she did, she would have to think about the stars. The night sky seemed somehow closer here, wherever here was, and the stars that punctured the darkness were red like scarlet tears against the face of the night.

Or wounds.

They might have been wounds.

Something brushed past her in the mist. Janine gasped and turned quickly to peer deeper into the damp shroud around her, but she could see nothing. A branch, perhaps. It might only have been a branch, yearning toward her under the press of the wind. But there was no wind.

© Christopher Golden. Reprinted with permission of the author.

To continue reading the prologue, click here.


"With his customary style and economy, Christopher Golden has penned a powerful and haunting tale." -- Clive Barker

"Kept me reading long into the evening on more than one night." -- Charles deLint

"The Ferryman is a compulsive read, one I finished in a single sleep-deprived night. The characters are easy to care about, the story unpredictable and involving. Rarest of all, Golden conveys the terrible sadness of the supernatural in a way few authors have managed." -- Poppy Z. Brite

"An intelligent, compelling ghost story in the classic horror tradition. . . Harrowing . . . Superior characterization, an exquisitely detailed setting and superbly orchestrated suspense." -- Publishers Weekly

"A gripping tale from a genre master." -- Booklist

The Ferryman by Christopher Golden
New trade paperback edition
With a new afterword by Charles deLint
Published by Roc Trade
September 2nd, 2008
$14.00 US
ISBN-10: 0451462270
ISBN-13: 978-0451462275

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