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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen books by Dyan Sheldon

In the YA novel Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Dyan Sheldon captures the enthusiasm of Lola, a determined and energetic young woman who knows all the world is a stage - her stage.

There are three books about Lola and her friends, the first of which was made into a feature film. I recommend that you read the books in order:

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen: Mary Elizabeth Cep (aka Lola) loves drama, lives drama, finds drama, makes drama. She can't wait to be a famous actress. When her mother moves Lola and her little twin sisters from New York to a suburb in New Jersey, Lola is crushed. How will she survive without the bright lights of the city? She soon earns the friendship of a quiet girl named Ella, the disdain of popular girl Carla Santini, and the lead in the school play, a contemporary version of Pygmalion. Lola's a powerhouse, confident and dramatic, ready to take on the stage and the world.

My Perfect Life is told from Ella's point of view. Her life is far from perfect, though she'd like to pretend otherwise. Lola ropes her into running for student council president, something that isn't exactly suited to mild-mannered Ella's personality. She's reluctant to run and reluctant to mention when something's might be too much for her to handle - like what's going on at home. This story has surprising depth: Ella tries to keep up appearances with her family's friends, covering for her parents when her mother starts drinking more and her father starts working more.

Lola steps back into the role of the narrator in Confessions of a Hollywood Star, the third book in the sequence. When a film crew comes to town, she can't believe it. This could be her big break! This could be her shot at stardom! That is, if she doesn't blow it . . .

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