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Sevens by Scott Wallens

If the kids from SWEET VALLEY HIGH moved to BEVERLY HILLS 90210 and added in a few AFTERSCHOOL SPECIALS, they would be SEVENS.

The seven-book saga follows the lives of seven high school seniors who are tied together by something horrible that happened to all of them when they were younger. The details of this tragedy are revealed slowly throughout the series, and I raced through each book to find out what happened!

The song We Used to Be Friends by The Dandy Warhols - which you might recognize as the theme song for Veronica Mars - would nicely fit this series and these characters. Maybe they had more in common when they were kids, but now that they're almost all grown up (or so they'd like to think), the seven main characters are very different. When Meena acts on her crush for the father of the kid she baby-sits, things don't turn out how she hoped. At all. Danny is smart, funny, musically gifted, and struggling with bipolar disorder. Peter is trying to recover emotionally and physically from a car accident that paralyzed him. Jeremy and Tara seem to be the perfect couple, as do T.J. and Karen, but trouble's brewing for both pairs. Karen would really rather be dating Reed, her best friend who happens to be T.J.'s brother. As love starts fading, eyes wander, and as tensions rise, trust is broken. Soon, they must face the consequences of actions taken seven years

The books take place right in a row, with each one covering a week in time, so it's crucial that you read them in order:

Book 1: Shattered
Book 2: Exposed
Book 3: Pushed
Book 4: Meltdown
Book 5: Torn
Book 6: Betrayal
Book 7: Redemption

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