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Meme: Five Favorite Fictional Rooms from Children's Literature

Charlotte posted about her favorite fictional room, which inspired Jen Robinson to post a list of her five favorite fictional rooms.

There are so many stories that have full worlds (fantasy or otherwise) that I'd like to inhabit. It's difficult for me to select five specific rooms. Let's see . . .

As soon as I saw the title of Jen's post, I thought of The Velvet Room by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, due to its title and its loveliest - and I knew Jen would list it, too.

I'd love to live in Sunset Towers from The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, of course, so perhaps I ought to say Turtle's room. I want to be Turtle, but that's another story.

Alice doesn't describe her room at home before entering Wonderland; her (first) story begins and ends outside on the riverbank. (Note: Her second story, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, showcases her drawing room. In fact, the story begins and ends there, in her home.) But back to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Have I shared with you all how much I love the scene that takes place in the White Rabbit's house? I haven't, actually. Oh, Bill! Oh, the pebbles! Oh, I'll stop now.

The Childlike Empress is a bit trapped in the Ivory Tower, so I wouldn't select that room, though I'd jump at the chance to portray her in something. Let me go get a grain of sand...

I'd rather have Mary's garden than her room, so that doesn't count.

Anne Shirley's room at Green Gables would be a fantastic place, of course. I'd gladly room there while Matthew and Marilla were still alive and well.

Let's throw in Claudia Kishi's bedroom (since all of The Baby-Sitters Club meetings took place there. I'd love to sit in on a meeting, flip through the BSC notebook, and be in that group of friends. I might snack on pretzels alongside Dawn and Stacey, but I'd pass on the junk food! I would peek in Claudia's hollow books and check out her art pieces in progress.

Last but not least, I would crash in Jenna Blake's dorm room. From the very first time she entered the room in Body Bags, the first book in the Body of Evidence series, I pictured her dorm room looking like the apartment in Three's Company. I don't know why, but it stuck, and that's what it is in my brain every time I read any of the ten books in the series by Christopher Golden and Rick Hautala.

What are your favorite fictional rooms?
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