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The Fairy Rebel by Lynne Reid Banks

A spunky, diminutive fairy named Tiki is happily flying around with her best friend, Wijic the flower elf, when she accidentally brushes up against a human's toe. Uh-oh. You see, fairies are all around us all of the time, but they remain invisible until they touch us. Once Jan, the owner of the toe upon which Tiki sits, gets over the shock of seeing a fairy, she becomes rather curious, and the two become fast friends.

Jan's life has made her a very compassionate woman. She was a child actress, a real rising star, until she had an accident on a television set which led to a lengthy hospitalization and left Jan with a limp. Now all grown up and married to a doctor she loves, she is terribly sad because she is childless.

With her bright pink hair, furry purple wings, and stubborn streak, Tiki is a force to be reckoned with. She can change her clothes just by picturing an outfit and running her hands down her sides, and she often wears jeans even though they're against the fairy dress code. Jan delights in Tiki's antics and stories.

After Jan confides in Tiki that she wants to have a child more than anything, the daring little fairy decides she's going to help her human friend, no matter what it takes. To make Jan's wish come true, Tiki saves up her magic and defies the Fairy Queen, even if it means suffering from the wrath of the cruel Queen. Jan gives birth to a precious daughter, Bindi, a happy baby who grows into a delightful little girl. Though cared for deeply by her parents and a pink-haired pixie, Bindi may not be safe from the temptations and traps set up by the Fairy Queen.

Lynne Reid Banks, author of The Indian in the Cupboard series, has woven together a heartwarming and magical tale which has stood the test of time. I strongly, strongly recommend this book, especially to moms looking for something they can share with their daughters, either one-on-one or as part of a Mother-Daughter Book Club. The Fairy Rebel is the perfect gift for little girls around age 8. I give it to people of all ages who love stories with fairies.

Personal Note: Tiki and Tinker Bell are my favorite fictional fairies.

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