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Help out an eighth-grade book club!

Discovered at Sara Zarr's blog:
[A]t Donors Choose . . . a teacher is requesting money for an eighth grade book club at a low-income ("high poverty") school in Connecticut. [...] The cool thing about Donors Choose is that you can give as little as a dollar to help out. And, all donations are tax-deductible! So if you donate by tomorrow that counts for your 2008 taxes. Awesome.

Awesome indeed, Sara.

This is yet another example of why we should make donations (be it money, time and effort, and/or books) to book clubs, public libraries, and schools. It's so easy.

Here again is that teacher's proposal.

In the coming months, I'll also be posting about the second annual Operation Teen Book Drop (TBD). This project was started by readergirlz last year. We organized a massive, coordinated release of 10,000 publisher-donated YA books into the top pediatric hospitals across the country and encouraged people to donate books to hospitals, schools, libraries, and gathering spots in their communities. Learn more about last year's efforts here and there, and stay tuned for news about Operation TBD 2009.
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