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The Brimstone Network: Specter Rising by Tom Sniegoski

After the death of his father, a young boy named Bram suddenly had to take up his father's mantle. This proves to be no easy task, as he led The Brimstone Network, an organization of intelligent and powerful warriors and sorcerers.

Thankfully, Bram is up to the task. He battles the forces of evil with the same strength and determination he uses every day to contain his own supernatural powers. Bram is half-specter, having inherited his powers from the mother he's never met - until now. And she's not the only one to reappear in his life unexpectedly - villainous Barnabas is back and as bad as ever. In order to face his foes and reunite with his family, Bram will have to draw upon both halves of his heritage, human and specter.

I love all that The Brimstone Network has to offer: good guys, bad guys, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, mysterious beings, otherworldly powers, descriptive action sequences, and strong characters of varying ages. I recommend this series to anyone and everyone who like action-adventure stories infused with supernatural powers.

Specter Rising is the third book in The Brimstone Network series. Make sure to read the books in order!

- The Brimstone Network
- The Shroud of A'Ranka
- Specter Rising

Here's the official book summary:

Just when thirteen-year-old Bram Stone has gotten the hang of running the new Brimstone Network and shielding all of humanity against the wrath of otherworldly beasts, an unexpected shock is sent his way. Ligeia, Queen of the Specter, the mother he's never known, suddenly appears in his life, leading Bram to explore his specter half as he never has before.

The reunion is overshadowed by a dark threat from Barnabas, an evil specter Warlord with a dark and insidious agenda. In this final showdown between the Brimstone Network and Barnabas, Bram and his team must join forces with the unlikeliest of allies to wage a war against Barnabas and his secret weapon: the mysterious being known as Trinity.

Published by Aladdin on January 27th, 2009
ISBN-10: 1416951067
ISBN-13: 978-1416951063

I also posted about The Brimstone Network at GuysLitWire.

Visit The Brimstone Network website.

Visit Tom Sniegoski's website.
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