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Tooth Fairy by Audrey Wood

In honor of National Tooth Fairy Day, I hope you'll pick up Tooth Fairy by Audrey Wood, my absolute favorite tooth fairy tale for little kids. This picture book is sure to make you giggle while gently encouraging you to tell the truth. The simple single-sentence summary on the back cover says it all:

"When Matthew loses a tooth, Jessica decides to take advantage of the Tooth Fairy's visit . . . "

Jessica could possibly have been friends with Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After her brother loses a tooth, Jessica gets jealous. Really jealous. She paints a kernel of corn white and sticks it under her pillow, hoping that it will fool the Tooth Fairy. The winged wonder visits the siblings and whisks them off to her magical land. While touring the castle built of shiny white teeth, the kids travel through the Hall of Perfect Teeth, where Matthew's tooth is placed, and down to the Tooth Dungeon, where all dirty yellow teeth must go - like Jessica's corn-y fake tooth! Oh, no! Will the Tooth Fairy find out that Jessica tricked her?

I enjoy many of the books that Don & Audrey Wood produced in the early eighties, especially The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear - but I'll save that review for National Bear Day, or perhaps Stephen Colbert's birthday.

Looking for a easy reader book about losing teeth? Try Amanda Pig and the Wiggly Tooth by Jean Van Leeuwen, illustrated by Ann Schweninger. (Reading Level 2 on that publisher's scale.)

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