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Readergirlz: April 2009

Operation Teen Book Drop

This April, the readergirlz invite you to take part in the second annual Operation Teen Book Drop.. Scroll down to Read, Reflect, and Reach Out for more info!

This month's readergirlz book pick is Impulse, a verse novel by Ellen Hopkins. After failed suicide attempts, three teenagers are brought together at a rehabilitation center to recover and discover what life still has in store for them. To learn more about the book, consult the April issue of readergirlz and listen in on our our roundtable discussion.

Special note: In July 2008, we put Jay Asher's novel Thirteen Reasons Why in the spotlight, which led to many serious discussions about suicide prevention. One of our postergirlz, Jackie, then created this list of suicide prevention resources. Since Impulse also deals with the topic of suicide, we wanted to again bring this list to your attention.

Download this month's poster (PDF) to help spread the word about both Operation TBD and Impulse. Put the poster up at your library, your school, or your favorite bookstore. Perhaps you'll start your own readergirlz book club there. If so, tell us all about it!

Get Social

To discuss the book with other readers and with the author herself, join us at the readergirlz blog, where we'll be discussing the book all month long and have new blog posts almost every day!

Chat live with Ellen Hopkins at the readergirlz blog on Wednesday, April 22nd. The chat will begin at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST and last for about an hour.

You will also find readergirlz at:
* MySpace
* Facebook
* Twitter

- but our main stomping grounds are the blog - - and the website -

postergirlz picks
Check out this month's recommended reads, selected by the postergirlz, the teen lit advisory council for readergirlz.

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
Cures for Heartbreak by Margo Rabb
Alive and Well in Prague, New York by Daphne Grab
Candy by Kevin Brooks
Thirst by Mary Oliver

Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood by Koren Zailckas

Read, Reflect, Reach Out

Help rgz raise awareness of Support Teen Literature Day with YALSA by participating in Operation Teen Book Drop (TBD '09). Download a bookplate, paste it in the book of your choice, and drop it somewhere in your community on Thursday, April 16th. This is the same day that rgz, GuysLitWire, and YALSA are dropping 8,000 books to hospitalized teens across the country, thanks to the generosity of various publishers and supporters.

Then, that night, join the Post-Op Party at the readergirlz blog. It will be a live chat with authors and readers from around the world. Anyone may join in!

Recent readergirlz Reads
Last month's featured book: The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson
Next month's featured book and author: Red Glass by Laura Resau

Get ready for summer reading! In the coming months, we'll be discussing:
June: Sweethearts by Sara Zarr
July: The Plain Janes by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg
August: Kendra by Coe Booth

Visit the readergirlz archive.

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