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Poetry Friday: Spun Again by Danny Grady (aka Bar-Ba-Sol as sung by David Cook)

When I woke up, I could see
The daylight had already passed me
It was such a fight to fade away to sleep

It's a fugue I'm on
Found to chase down the dawn
Well, I fell every night as it turns into light
With my eyes just shut tight

Sailing all alone
I thought I made it home
But I threw it all away

Oh, where I've been
Sold and spun again
All before me like a dream
Falling in between
I feel sick, I feel nervous
I know just what I did to deserve this
Though I know it's not a dream

- lyrics from the song Spun Again (Bar-Ba-Sol), written by Danny Grady

I selected this song to post today because it was on my mind when I awoke this morning. This song was originally written by Danny Grady of the band Injected. I hadn't heard that prior to posting this; I only knew of the song as recorded and performed by David Cook, when it was retitled Bar-Ba-Sol.

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