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Precious Paws: Help Save Rescued Animals!

The following message is 100% legitimate. This animal rescue group needs a miracle. A friend of mine has supported this group for quite some time, and she got two of her cats from here, which is why she told me about their new crisis. If you could possibly send them a few dollars, or at least share this message with fellow animal lovers who may be able to help, that would be great. Please feel free to re-post this and/or email it to friends and family. Please pass this along. Thank you!

FROM PRECIOUS PAWS: Please read below and please forward to anyone who has a generous heart and loves animals. We are trying to get a cheaper place but have no money for the down payment. We are in a terrible spot and are concerned about what will happen to the cats. We are also willing to pay back someone that would donate or loan us a large sum of money to get us back on our feet. It is a sad situation. Info below. Thank you for reading and caring and forwarding.

Precious Paws is now experiencing severe hardship. We are in an urgent situation and we need immediate help. The facility where our rescues live is ready to go into foreclosure. We have been struggling to raise money and putting out the pleas but we still haven't raised nearly enough to be up to date. We had made a deal with the bank for a loan modification but all of a sudden they have decided the modification is null and void and they say we are four months behind. We have been looking for a place that is much cheaper, and we continue, but until we can find a place and make these changes, we have to keep this facility to house them. We have a month to come up with enough money to save our facility before they start foreclosure on us. We have nowhere to put our rescues at this time and most will have to be euthanized, the shelters and other rescue organizations are overflowing, they cannot take them. Most of these cats are seniors, have medical needs, are ferals, or are adoptables that have not found their forever homes yet.

If you could just donate one dollar or empty your piggy bank, and network this email, perhaps in numbers of small donations we could collect the money we need to save our facility. It all adds up, no donation is not too small or not appreciated. Due to the hardship of the economy it has hit us also. We have been struggling for almost two years now, we have done what we can to maintain, and have been getting by, but this came out of left field and threw us. We have been working on finding another place that is much cheaper but we haven't found that place yet. I know miracles happen, I hear about them, there are those animal lovers out there that do help situations such as this and give rescue groups a break, and chance to turn it around and get back on path and be able to move forward. As a group, we have saved hundreds of lives, helped so many private citizens with animals, trapped, neutered and released so many feral cats, and placed so many rescues in forever homes. We have made such a difference during our time of rescue that it is a shame that it is money that is going to take this all away from us.

Please help save the lives of dozens and dozens of rescue animals. With your help we can make this miracle happen. We only have a month to catch up. We have a plan, it just has to happen and this surprise from the bank was not in our plan. It is a day at a time. We have come so far since the start in making a difference in so many animals lives, but this economy has hurt our mission. This is not a situation of money mismanagement, it is the times, job losses, and so forth, what we are guilty of is caring and trying to save too many lives in the past. We are hard workers and it is the economy that is hurting everyone that is taking a toll on us, we know what we are doing. We have a fantastic group of directors and volunteers that want to continue do what we are doing, no one is paid to do this, it is all volunteer. It would be tragic to have all of this taken away and have animals lose their lives. I don't know if this blunt raw honesty is going to help us or hurt us. But I don't have a choice right now but to be honest, pride is out the window, it is all humility and saving lives right now. If you could, please network this email to everyone and anyone.

Thank you.

Georgyne La Lone Founder/President

Click here to donate to Precious Paws via PayPal.

Visit the Precious Paws website.

Send a dollar, save a life.
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