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Art Saves: Kiba Rika

Today's Art Saves creation and guest blog comes from my creative and crafty friend Kimberly Hirsh, aka Kiba Rika:

Click the thumbnail to view the full-sized image.

Here's a picture of a hat I crocheted. I wanted to take a moment to encourage people to participate in fiber art. It saves in many ways:

- It makes a statement in the form of guerilla yarn art

- It makes people feel better when they're sick

- It makes people aware of their consumption habits

- It makes people think about the amazing environment in which we live

I think The Plain Janes would be on board, especially with the guerilla yarn art.

Check out your local craft store or do a search online for "crochet" or "knitting" to learn one of these excellent arts!

- Kimberly Hirsh
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