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Q&A with Thomas and Courtney

Follow Thomas Randall as he goes on a virtual tour to discuss his brand-new YA thriller, The Waking: Dreams of the Dead.

Today, Thomas Randall and Courtney Summers discuss vampires, Amanda Seyfried, and Miley Cyrus, among other things. Here are a few sneak peeks:

Courtney analyzes the cover: "I have never actually had the colour yellow give me such an uneasy feeling before, but that has all changed with this cover. Doesn't the serene look on the model's face seem totally at odds with her surrounding area and the font? I do believe this cover is the dictionary definition of 'ominous' and 'spooky' and 'must-read.'"

Later, Courtney asks: "What kind of a protagonist can readers look forward to having in Kara?"

Thomas responds: "I love Kara. She's not fearless, but she's also not intimidated by life. She's struggling with the death of her mother two years earlier and she still grieves, but she loves her father and they have a great relationship. They're starting over together, the way she knows her mother would have wanted them to... She's fiercely loyal. What I put into Kara are the qualities I think we would all want in a friend."

Thomas and Courtney also discuss the processes of writing, research, and editing, and why writing for teens is so important.

Here's the full Thomas Randall and The Waking: Dreams of the Dead blog tour schedule:

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