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Kim Baccellia Interviews Thomas Randall

Today, Thomas Randall talks about bullying, folklore, vampires, and more with Kim Baccellia. Here's a sneak peek:

What inspired the book The Waking: Dreams of the Dead?

Possibly the coolest thing about vampires is that they can be adapted to tell almost any kind of story. There are terrifying vampires and beautiful vampires, brooding vampires and funny vampires. But most of the vampires we see in books and movies and on TV these days all spring from the same European origins. I've always been fascinated by the other variations. Japan has no vampire myth as we know it, but a number of the evil spirits and demons in their folklore are vampiric in nature, and I wanted to explore that. I also wanted to do something that would be very creepy, with a classic horror style isolation. I hope I've achieved that, and I've certainly enjoyed exploring these Japanese spins of the vampire tale.

Keep reading! Click here to read the entire interview.

Follow The Waking blog tour to learn more about Dreams of the Dead, the first book in this thrilling YA series, and its author, Thomas Randall.

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