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Guest Blog: Comic Book Junkie by Tom Sniegoski

Comic Book Junkie

Hello, I'm Tom.

Hello Tom.

I'm Tom, and I'm a comic book junkie.

As long as I can remember, comic books . . . or superheroes have been a major part of my life.

Before I even got my hands on my first comic book, I had been exposed to television shows featuring strangely costumed heroes with amazing powers that helped save the world from evil.

These heroes inspired me. I can remember running around the house wearing a bath towel pinned around my neck, a large S or the symbol of a bat drawn crudely by my mom on the back of the towel. And this was all before I even knew the terms "superhero" or "comic book."

But it wouldn't be long before I did.

I think my first exposure to comic books, and the wonders found within their colorful pages came as a result of my brother winning a stack of them at some local street carnival. Between the pages of these wonderful books - these comic books - that he'd brought into the house I found things that made my eyes bug out, and to this day, still fill me with excitement.

Oh, how I pitied my friends who didn't understand the glory of The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Batman, or The Amazing Spider-man. If only they knew what they were missing. I tried to tell them . . . to show them, but that just helped to label me as that weird kid who liked the weird things.

Yep, that was me; the weird kid.

And I still am to this day.

So you can just imagine my absolute joy when finally given the chance to work in the comic book industry, getting the chance to write stories featuring characters that I had idolized since childhood. It's hokey as all get out, but it was a dream come true.

Which leads me to my latest novel, Legacy.

Legacy asks the question, what if the deadbeat father that you never knew, suddenly came into your life and so happened to be one of the worlds most powerful superheroes . . . and oh yeah, he wants you to carry on the family tradition because he's dying.

Legacy is me taking my fixation of comic book lore, my love of heroes and villains, of good vs. evil, and shades of grey, and mixing all these concepts and ideas that have filled my head since childhood into something nostalgically familiar, and yet different.

Think of Legacy as my attempt again to show people how cool superheroes can be. That weird kid again who likes the weird stuff is at it again.

And loving every minute of it.

-- Tom Sniegoski

If you missed Tom's interview with Mr. Media at BlogTalkRadio on October 28th, you may use the widget above or click here to listen to the half-hour podcast.

Free Book Alert!

How would you react if you discovered your parent was a superhero? The first five people to leave their answers (with their email addresses and mailing addresses!) in the comments below will get free copies of Legacy by Tom Sniegoski. It's as simple as that - and that's way simpler than learning how to fly.

Many thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. The winners - bookdiva15, __bac__, coveredinink, Pam, & Tiffany - have been notified via email. Congratulations, and thank you for supporting Sniegoski!

For More Info

Visit Tom Sniegoski's website.

Read Little Willow's review of Legacy.

Be Your Own Superhero

The guest blog + review were also posted at GuysLitWire.
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