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Upcoming Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski Signings

Mark your calendars for these upcoming author signings!


Christopher Golden will be attending DRAGONCON in Atlanta, GA from September 3rd-6th.

Friday @ 4 PM, Apocalyptic Author Super Panel - Location A601-A602 - Marriott
Saturday @ 10 AM, Turning Stellar Rejections into Sales - Location, Manila/Singapore/HK - Hyatt
Saturday @ 2:30 PM, Growing Up Scared - Location Montreal/Vancouver - Hyatt
Saturday @ 4 PM, Comics as SF Literature - Location, Fairlie - Hyatt
Saturday @ 7 PM, The Blood is the Life - Location Montreal/Vancouver - Hyatt
Sunday @ 10 AM, Face of the Demon - Location Fairlie - Hyatt
Sunday @ 11:30 AM, Dancing on the Head of a Pin - Location, Montreal/Vancouver - Hyatt
Sunday @ 2:30 PM, Developing Characters Readers Never Forget - Location, Manila, Singapore, HK - Hyatt
Sunday @ 5:30 PM, Dragon Autographs - Location, M301-M304 - Marriott

Amber Benson, Tom Sniegoski, and Christopher Golden will be signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA on Thursday, September 30th @ 7 PM.


Paul G. Tremblay and Christopher Golden (and rumor has it, Brian Keene as well) will be signing at Cornerstone Books in Salem, MA on Thursday, October 14th - Time to be announced.

Learn more about my favorite Boston boys and their individual and collaborative works at their websites: and

Please note that signings are subject to change.
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