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YABC Needs Your Help

This just in from Kimberly at Young Adults Book Central:

YABC Needs Your Help
You may have noticed the changes we've been making to the site -- well, we've got a lot more planned. But we need your help. We've received the bids back on what it will take to bring the site into the future and serve you better. YABC needs to raise $10,000.

We've started a campaign and every contribution, no matter how small, will help immensely.

Readers, we've given away thousands of books since 1998 and we plan on continuing to give you more (and more, if we can get the site changes implemented). Authors and Publishers, we've promoted you and your books tirelessly, and have even more promotional options planned.

But we really need your help.

Thank you for your patronage all these years and I hope you'll see fit to contribute even just a bit towards our goal.

Please support us by donating here.

Authors and publishers, it would also help us if you choose to do some of your advertising with us. We still have many advertising specials going on (they aren't listed on the website). Please contact us if you are interested in supporting us in this way. Thank you!

As part of our fund raising efforts, YABC will be hosting some auctions where the proceeds will go towards the rebuilding fund. Kimberly Pauley will be auctioning off a manuscript critique and possibly some other things as well. If you have anything you would like to donate (really, pretty much anything at all -- books, services, other stuff), please contact Kimberly: Every bit helps!
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