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What Makes Martha Brockenbrough Smile

I smile when I get a letter in the mail. I smile when my children are safe and sleeping in their beds. I smile when someone puts words together in a way I've never read before, but immediately understand the truth behind them. Also, I smile when I am getting my driver's license picture taken, but that one is fake.

- Martha Brockenbrough

Check out Martha's book Things That Make Us [Sic], the funnest most fun book on grammar you'll ever read. Martha and I both recommend that you join The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar and readergirlz.

This is the next-to-last installment of What Makes You Smile? Come back tomorrow for the final post in the series.

Only three days left to enter the Smile giveaway! Have you had a crazy experience at the dentist's office? Tell us about it, and you could win!

Now I sound like a cheesy game show host. Have a good day, everyone! :)
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