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What Makes Melissa Walker Smile

On this winter day in particular: catching up on GLEE, watching the snow fall outside, an iced coffee (yes, even in the cold!) and my party heels, waiting to be worn tonight.

- Melissa Walker

Check out my full-length interview with Melissa.
Read Melissa's definition of hope.
Learn more about Melissa's Violet series, as posted within my But I Don't Want to Be Famous! booklist.
Visit us at readergirlz

This is the final installment of What Makes You Smile? I hope you've enjoyed this series of interviews, and that you've caught yourself smiling while reading. :)

Only two days left to enter the Smile giveaway! Share your story as text, blog, vlog, or art, and you could win a copy of Smile by Raina Telgemeier. Learn more + enter now!
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