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Interview: Rachel Hawkins

Witches. Faeries. Shapeshifters. Vampires. Private school. If you like any of these elements, you'd be wise to pick up Hex Hall trilogy by Rachel Hawkins. (Read my review of the series.) Rachel stopped by Bildungsroman today as part of her blog tour.

The book's antagonist, Elodie Parris, got her first name from TV (The Hills and Alias) and her last name from the Salem witchcraft trials. What inspired the name of your protagonist, Sophia Mercer aka Sophie?

I knew I wanted a name that meant something, and that also had kind of "divine" connotations. Sophia is a big figure in the Gnostic religion, plus her names means "wisdom." If there's one thing Sophie is looking for in all the HEX HALL books, it's wisdom! :)

The world you've created in Hex Hall is ours, just with the average powerless person being unaware of Prodigium: witches, faeries, and shapeshifters. If you could be one of these three supernaturally talented beings, which would you select and why?

Oh, a witch for sure! The others all have kind of limited powers, but the sky's the limit for witches!

You've also included vampires, but made it apparent that most Prodigium think of vampires as untrustworthy monsters who should be destroyed, yet one of your most sympathetic characters, Jenna, is a vampire. What prompted that distinction and exclusion/inclusion?

I think the vampire is naturally kind of an outcast figure, so that worked for Jenna's character. As for why other Prodigium look down on vamps, it's because they see them as a sort of "perversion." Vampires aren't "naturally" made the way other Prodigium are.

How many names did you go through before you settled on Prodigium?

Just that one! I originally called them monsters, but my husband didn't like that. So I used my handy-dandy Latin dictionary, and Prodigium were born!

How many books are slated to be in the series? Can you reveal the next title (and release date) yet?

There are 3 books so far in the series, but everything past that is still Top Secret! :)

You recently mentioned the film Teen Witch at your Twitter which made me grin. What's your favorite scene or spell in the movie?

Oh, easily the part where she and the guy do that weird psychic duet thing while they're dancing! Cracks me up every time!

If you discovered skeletons in your closet - we're talking honest-to-goodness bones here - which Hex Hall character would you turn to for help or an explanation?

Archer. Dude's a pretty smart guy with a lot of talents! Plus, even if he couldn't help me, he'd be fun to look at! :)

Visit Rachel's website, blog, and Tumblr.

Read all three books in the Hex Hall trilogy:
Hex Hall
Spell Bound

Read my review of the Hex Hall trilogy by Rachel Hawkins.

Random fact: This series employs some of my favorite character names, including Nick, Daisy, Jenna, and Sophie.

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