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Summer Blog Blast Tour 2010

For the past three years, Colleen from Chasing Ray has organized series upon series of author interviews. These blog tours, hosted and posted at various blogs, have been dubbed the Summer Blog Blast Tour (SBBT for short) and Winter Blog Blast Tour (aka WBBT). Each event is one week long and involves a multitude of authors, bloggers, and readers.

Here's my schedule of interviews posted this week:
Monday, May 17th: Barbara Dee (This is Me From Now On)
Tuesday, May 18th: Holly Schindler (A Blue So Dark)
Thursday, May 19th: Donna Freitas (This Gorgeous Game)
Friday, May 20th: Sarah Kuhn (One Con Glory)

Here is the lineup for the 2010 SBBT.

Monday, May 17th
Kate Milford at Chasing Ray
Mac Barnett at Fuse #8/School Library Journal
Hazardous Players at Finding Wonderland
Malinda Lo at Shelf Elf
Barbara Dee at Bildungsroman

Tuesday, May 18th
Mary Jane Beaufrand at The YA YA YAs
Rita Williams-Garcia at Fuse #8
Jennifer Hubbard at Writing & Ruminating
Charise Mericle Harper at Shelf Elf
Holly Schindler at Bildungsroman

Wednesday, May 19th
Michael Trinklein at Chasing Ray
Nick Burd at Fuse #8
Tom Siddell at Finding Wonderland
Sarah Darer Littman at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy
Jessica Leader at Shaken & Stirred

Thursday, May 20th
Matthew Reinhart at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Jenny Boylan at Fuse #8
Lisa Mantchev at Writing & Ruminating
Tara Kelly at Shaken & Stirred
Donna Freitas at Bildungsroman

Friday, May 21st
Julia Hoban at Chasing Ray
Stacy Kramer at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy
Nancy Bo Flood at Finding Wonderland
Paolo Bacigalupi at Shaken & Stirred
Sarah Kuhn at Bildungsroman
Matt & Jenni Holm at HipWriterMama

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