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Finding Grace by Alyssa Brugman

Finding Grace by Alyssa Brugman is a thoughtful novel wherein a high school graduate becomes the caretaker for a woman who became brain damaged as an adult for reasons unknown . . . at first. As Rachel learns more about her charge Grace, she also learns more about herself.

Finding Grace is an aptly titled coming-of-age story that I recommend to teens and adults alike. It was surprisingly poignant. Rachel is appropriately awkward at first, not certain how to act around Grace. She is also on that brink between being a kid and being an adult, having graduated from high school but not completely knowing what she wants to do next.

Though I enjoyed Alyssa Brugman's debut, Walking Naked, I feel that Finding Grace was an even better story. My heart went out to each of the characters in turn, and the writing kept me wanting to find out more about all of them. I'm sure to read Brugman's future works as well.
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