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Holly Cupala's Secret

Most of the people and events in TELL ME A SECRET are fictional - or they are bits and pieces of people and life that have been blended up and recombined into totally original scenes. But this one came directly from my own experience:

When I was about four months' pregnant with our daughter, our friends from the band Freezepop were doing a west coast tour, and my husband and I tagged along. At one stop, I was manning the merch table, and I had to get a message to the band. On the way, a girl in the crowd was going to slap some guy on the bum and pushed me in the stomach to get out of the way. I had a reaction that totally shocked me - an almost frightening, mama-bear kind of reaction! Adrenaline, blistering anger, protective fury...I probably could have punched her, but somehow I managed not to. I'm a non-violent person, and it completely blew me away that I would have those instincts.

The memory stayed with me, and you'll find a very similar incident in TELL ME A SECRET. I think it surprises Miranda as much as it surprised me!

- Holly Cupala

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