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Little Willow [userpic]

Secret Identities Revealed!

June 30th, 2010 (08:13 am)

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A few months ago, I invited two dozen YA authors to share secrets with their readers here at Bildungsroman. I dared them to tell me something surprising, something silly, or something serious - or all of the above. I then posted the secrets throughout the month of June in honor of Holly Cupala's recently released debut novel, Tell Me a Secret.

While many of the blogs included the name of the secret-spilling authors, some posts only hinted at the person's identity, prompting readers to guess who was a die-hard Jazzerciser (Sara Zarr), who hated reading growing up (Tera Lynn Childs), and so on. All of the identities were revealed today, with the exception of one author who has chosen to remain anonymous. Other than that, the only thing we didn't reveal was which flavor Pop-Tart Lorie Ann Grover ate this morning -- but I'm sure she'll let us know.

Click here to read all of the secrets and learn a little something about your favorite authors.