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Calling all fashionistas and jewelry fiends!

Calling all fashionistas and jewelry fiends!

My sister, Lisa, is an amazing jewelry designer. For her next collection, she will be creating beaded cuff bracelets and needs feedback from women and teen girls. (Moms of girls in their teens/twenties, PLEASE pass this on to your daughters and their friends, too!)

Please leave your answers in the comments below along with your age (or age bracket, if you prefer!) Thank you!

1. What word or short phrase would you wear if printed on a bracelet? Here are just a few to start, please suggest whatever other words come to mind: Love, Peace, Live, Fly, Reach, Create, Dance, Sing, Inspire, Believe, Dream, Hope, Survive, etc.

2. Would you wear a bracelet with your name or initial on it? (Do you think this is cool and trendy or out of style?)

3. Any other suggestions or comments?
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