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Thundergod graphic novel by Christopher Golden and Albert Debnam


THUNDERGOD is by writer Christopher Golden and artist Albert Debnam, with a cover by Michael Avon Oeming. It collects the mini-series originally published by Crusade Comics, and the final chapter from Caliber Press. Published by Digital Webbing.

A Note from Christopher Golden

I've loved Norse mythology since I was a kid but, oddly enough, was never a big fan of the Marvel Comics version of Thor. Most recently, I played with Norse myths in the novel Hellboy: The Bones of Giants. But my first crack at it was in the mini-series Thundergod.

Thundergod is a modern day story. Thor's been imprisoned for a century while the darkling races - disguised as Republican senators, tobacco company CEOs, and Columbian drug lords - did their best to ruin the world of man. Now, Thor is freed, and only he and his gorgeous wife Sif can see the truth. However, when they start doing something about it, all the rest of the world sees are terrorist murderers who are killing prominent citizens. Meanwhile, in Asgard, it's really hitting the fan!

It was a real guerilla publishing effort when we originally published the series. We had great pencils by Albert Debnam and a whole battalion of inkers, including the legendary Dick Giordano and the soon-to-be legendary Eric Powell. I wanted to publish this with Ed Dukeshire and Digital Webbing Press to keep that guerrilla publishing feeling going. They do cool books, take risks, and really try to bring quality product to the market and spotlight new talent.

Get It Now!

Buy the Thundergod trade paperback, signed by Christopher Golden, for $10 plus $3 shipping! Send $13 via PayPal's Send Money tab to with the note "Thundergod", or click on any of the options below:

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