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Write Teen: Kristen Tracy and Nina LaCour to Teach Writing Classes

If you're writing teen fiction and you live in the Bay Area, you ought to check out the Write Teen classes. Seriously. Then come back here and tell me all about the classes, since I can't be there in person and need to live vicariously through you. Here's the inside scoop:
In a brand-new series of Bay Area writing classes, Kristen Tracy and Nina LaCour will teach you how to craft and publish a marketable teen novel. Together they have sold eleven novels to Simon & Schuster, Random House, Disney-Hyperion, and Penguin. They'll share their own strategies for writing and revision, and help you analyze critically and commercially successful teen novels. Nina and Kristen are both experienced teachers who have lectured and led workshops about writing throughout the country.

Learn more and register for classes at

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