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Poppy Montgomery to Star in J.K. Rowling Biopic

Wizards, mark your calendars! On Monday, July 18th, the Lifetime channel will air MAGIC BEYOND WORDS: The J.K. Rowling Story, a made-for-television movie about the real life of Harry Potter's creator.

In this biopic, J.K. Rowling is portrayed by Poppy Montgomery, one of my favorite working actresses. You may recognize Poppy as FBI agent Samantha Spade from the television series Without a Trace, which ran on CBS for seven seasons. The Australian-born Poppy had to adopt an American accent for Without a Trace; as Rowling, Poppy not only had to adopt a British accent but also wear blue contacts.

Sneak a peek at MAGIC BEYOND WORDS (previously titled STRANGE MAGIC) in this Access Hollywood interview posted at YouTube

View still images from the set at

So, Harry fans, will you be tuning in?

Footnote: When I first posted this announcement in April 2011, I was watching Satellites, the sixth season finale of Without a Trace. I absolutely love this exchange at the end of the episode:
Jack: "You know you didn't have to do this alone."
Sam: "Yeah, I did."

I would have said the same thing.
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