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Little Willow [userpic]

The Beckoning of Lovely Film

November 11th, 2011 (11:11 am)

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Amy Krause Rosenthal describes herself as "a person who likes to make things." She is an author, a filmmaker, and more. She also brings people together - literally - with her work. Here's the trailer for her feature film, The Beckoning of Lovely 11/11/11, and a little more about the project in her own words:

The Beckoning of Lovely began with a spontaneous public gathering on 08/08/08 at "The Bean" sculpture in Chicago's Millennium Park. 2 subsequent videos took place on 09/09/09 and 10/10/10... On November 11th, 2011 the feature film The Beckoning of Lovely 11/11/11 will be released and made globally available for viewing on YouTube... This final film — like the whole project itself — is interactive and rooted in human connection.

Watch the full-length film and learn more about the project at http://www.TheBeckoningOfLovely.com

Check out the FAQ at Google Docs and click through the slideshow to watch all of the trailers and check out the movie poster!