Little Willow (slayground) wrote,
Little Willow

Have Your Cupcake and Eat It Too!

Have a sweet tooth? If you're in Southern California and want to serve tasty treats at your birthday, your wedding, your book signing, or your office party, look no further than Have Your Cupcake and Eat It Too!

Irma creates cupcakes and cakes of all kinds, for all occasions. Ask for regular, mini, or giant cupcakes. Get something decorated with glitter and gloss or with your favorite sports team's logo and team colors. Order a standard sheet cake, a multi-layer cake, or place a custom order for a shaped cake. She's very creative and has a great eye for detail. (You should have seen the building cake she made with Spider-Man climbing up the side!) Here's a little more about the baker:

I've always loved cooking and baking for fun. I was inspired to create my own recipes and designs once family members started requesting my cakes and cupcakes for their birthdays and special events. I really like working with fondant and creating personalized cupcakes.

I'm based in Southern California. If you're interested in ordering cupcakes for your special event, please contact me at for availability and rates.

Even if you don't live in the area, please drop by her blog and leave comments. She'd really love feedback and encouragement. Thanks!

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