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Ghosts of Albion RPG

Attention RPG fans: The Ghosts are finally here! Tim from Eden Studios has announced:
The long-awaited Ghosts of Albion RPG is now being shipped out to those that pre-ordered.

You should expect to see the book in your favorite local game store soon.

This game is compatible with Eden's other Cinematic Unisystem games, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

For more information and to order your own copy, please visit Eden Studios' website,

If you haven't been haunted by Ghosts of Albion yet, here's the backstory:

From Amber Benson and award-winning author Christopher Golden comes a supernatural thriller with demons, secret agendas, and spectral warriors, set amid the deadly slums of nineteenth-century London. Based on the smash BBC web series that took England by storm, the GHOSTS OF ALBION novels are horror adventures laced with dark humor and darker lusts. William and Tamara Swift are Britain's protectors against the supernatural. Having inherited the role from their grandfather, they're joined by his greatest allies: Bodicea, the warrior queen, Admiral Lord Nelson, and Lord Byron -- the Ghosts of Albion.

Learn more about the webseries, the books, and other Albion tales!
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