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Book Recommendations

I want to post more book recommendations, so help me out here. Give me topics. Ask me for the top ten teen books for reluctant readers, or a list of authors who are like Sarah Dessen. If you need a book for a loved one, tell me you are shopping for - what age, which gender - and what type of books he or she likes. Want a book for yourself? Let me know the titles of books you have enjoyed and what genres interest you.

I'm saying this in an effort to create more lists on paper (well, pixels, my cyber pixie dust) rather than just in my head. Someday, I'd like to either add a full-out book recommendations section to Your Girl, if not make another little site altogether. I've always wanted to do so, but I have to know there would be an audience for it. I thrive on feedback.

I wish I was paid for every book I read, reviewed, and recommended. I wish that, in addition to being a published author myself, I was an editor or buyer for a publishing house. I am good friends with continuity and grammar, and I introduce them to everyone I edit pieces for, whenever I can.

I love knowing that I have a direct effect on what books adults and kids are reading, buying, and sharing. Every time a customer tells me that the book I sold him or her was perfect, that she loved the book and wants to read everything by that author right now, that his son finally read a book cover-to-cover, that her daughter stayed up all night to read a book, I know that I'm doing something right. It makes my heart happy.

Books are so important to me. Literacy. Knowledge. Understanding. Print. Truth. History. Fiction.

Communication. Everything comes back to, thrives upon, and is derived from communication.

So . . . please ask me for book lists and recs!
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